Why Life by the Beach is Heaven on Earth

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In a country surrounded by beaches, it’s impossible not to appreciate their breathtaking appeal. The beauty of the sunsets, the feel of the sand between bare toes, and the fresh, salty air clear our minds of clutter. Beaches are heaven on earth; they bring a deep sense of calm and connectedness with nature that can’t be found elsewhere.

There are a hundred other excellent reasons to live by the beach, but they can be distilled into one word: wellness. The beach inspires a lifestyle that brings holistic benefits.

As a beachside resident in Mactan, Cebu, you wake up every day to breathtaking views tourists can only enjoy for a day or more (and often for a hefty sum). Their extraordinary will be your every day, and you get to experience a wealth of benefits on top of that.

Benefits to the Mind and Soul

The sight, smells, and feel of the sea soothes the mind and heals the soul.

Relaxing and Calming

Studies conducted in England, Japan, and New Zealand revealed that ocean views improve overall mental health. People who live near the sea are less likely to experience stress and anxiety than non-coastal residents. Even in areas where tourism is the main driver of the local economy, the influx of tourists and the emergence of commercial and hospitality businesses cannot compare to the chaos of the major cities. Traffic, urban noise, and toxic work environments — factors that cause so much stress to our lives today — are all absent in coastal living. As such, coastal residents are calmer and at peace.

Keeps Depression at Bay

Research on the links between mental health and the ocean show that the beach has a positive impact on people’s mood, disposition, and mental health. It offers things that have a positive impact on people’s mental well-being: sunlight, fresh air, and nature. The general sense of calm that the beach stimulates in people quiet turbulent thoughts, allowing people to turn their attention to nature and other inspiring things.

Sparks Creativity

The beach has a therapeutic quality that inspires creative thinking. Even during turbulent weather, the sight of the vast sea can bring clarity. The dramatic colors in the horizon during sunrise or sunset, the deep blue of the water and sky, and other abstractions that put people in a spiritual frame of mind — all these are an impetus for fresh ideas, revitalizing artists and artisans in need of a muse.

Benefits to the Body

beach body

It’s not just the mind that benefits from the relaxing ambiance of the beach but also our bodies. One of the key findings of the studies above is that coastal residents appear to be in better physical health than people from non-coastal neighborhoods.

Living by the beach, people can’t help but adopt an active lifestyle. The closer their homes are to the shore, the more likely they are to step out into the sunshine and walk, run, swim, and play. Unsurprisingly, seaside residents enjoy many health benefits as a result.

  • Sufficient Vitamin D absorption – The sun is the best source of Vitamin D. UVB rays stimulate Vitamin D synthesis when they come into contact with cholesterol in the skin cells. Concerns regarding sunburn and skin damage due to overexposure are valid. They can be remedied, however, by frequently applying high-SPF lotion and following skin experts’ advice of staying indoors during the peak hours of 10:00 in the morning until around 4:00 in the afternoon.
  • Safe weight loss and weight management – Being a cardiovascular exercise, swimming is an excellent way to lose weight without resorting to heavy lifting. Thirty minutes of swimming can burn up to 488 calories, depending on the person’s original weight.
  • Improved muscle strength – Swimming is a whole-body workout. It tones and lengthens the muscles, increases flexibility, improves core strength and balance, and indirectly contributes to bone health. Swimming can also soothe muscle pains and aches, thanks to the magnesium in seawater.
  • Improved respiratory and circulatory systems – Swimmers alternately inhale deep lungfuls of air and hold their breath as they go underwater. This aerobic cycle exercises the lungs, promotes proper blood circulation, and regulates blood pressure. As such, doctors recommend swimming to people with asthma, sinus problems, and congenital heart defects.
  • Skin benefits – Sea water contains salt, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. These are skin-friendly minerals that exfoliate the skin, kills pimple-causing bacteria, regulates sebum production, and draws toxins from the body. Daily walks on sandy shores will also get rid of calluses on the heels and pads of the feet.

Living Options in Mactan

When spending a week or two on the beach feels too short, you can always consider relocating to the coast permanently. A peaceful life by the sea offers some of the most important things in life. And, on an island like Mactan, the picturesque half of the highly urban Lapu-Lapu City, residents can experience the best of the city and the beach.

Mactan boasts a gorgeous coastline dotted with prime residential properties and resort-like condominiums. These houses and condo units in Lapu-Lapu City can make living by the beach comfortable, convenient, and, quite simply, a dream. Coming from Metro Manila or Metro Cebu, you’ll find peace and achieve wellness in this island (and if you miss the energy of the city, the Mactan International Airport is in the area, and the bustling Cebu City is just an hour away).

Living by the beach inspires many to achieve optimal health and have a greater appreciation for nature. There’s no shortage of locals and tourists to interact with, but you can still have time to yourself. All these breed happiness and contentment; and whenever you have to leave, you will always long to return.

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