A lot of people may not be familiar with an overhead concealed door closer. However, you will realize how useful this simple mechanical device will be for your home or business. You should also know the different types of overhead door closers as well as its other functions, including the speed and closing force. From there, you can choose the right type of door closer to your home or business use.

Why a door closer is important

Basically, a door closer is a device that automatically closes a door when someone opens it. In other words, you won’t need to exert force to close a door when there is an overhead door closer installed on it. Also, it will lessen the occurrence of loud banging sound when closing the door with an installed door closer.

By using a door closer, it also lessens the risk of any door damage because it controls its closing rate. It can also be useful during emergencies as it won’t restrict the door and let everyone get out of a room more safely. There are also some door closers that are concealed, hence an ideal option for those who are particular with their door’s aesthetic appeal.

There are also different types of door closers, which are mostly used for interior doors. There are door closers that are concealed in the door frame, the floor, or in the door itself. On the other hand, there are door closers with a parallel or a slide-track arm. You can choose from these options that will suit your personal preference and needs.

Most door closers use hydraulics or spring and air to close the door safely and as noise-free as possible. Regardless of the door closer type you choose, one thing is for sure: it offers safety for homeowners and tenants, it is more durable, and avoid damaging your door prematurely.

Things to consider when choosing a door closer

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Choosing a door closer depends on several factors, such as building requirements, customer choice, and manufacturer considerations. Other factors include the door location, weight and size, how often the door is used, requirements for the backswing, and cost. It will also depend on the user’s personal preference and building need.

How often you use the door is an important consideration. After all, you only want to utilize your installed door closer. For example, overhead door closers are meant to be more durable to last frequent door use. It can be used both for exterior or interior doors.

Even local building codes can affect the installation of door closers. Organizations such as the American National Standards Institute or ANSI has set specific standards when it comes to installing door closers. It is measured according to grade and performance levels that are based on a series of tests.

Choosing the right door closer

With many options to choose from, it is important to know the different types of door closers and how it can benefit you. At the same time, the door closer should also comply with the local building codes and avoid hassles in the future. Still, installing a door closer is a good addition for everyone’s home and business needs.