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Artist on his desk

Why Your Art Studio Should Be Set Up Outside Your New Home’s Bedroom

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Artist on his deskArtists need all the space they can get for them to be able to practice their craft at a high level. For this reason, you may be thinking of setting up your studio inside your bedroom for convenience when you buy a new home. However, in truth, this does more harm than good. Here are just some of the reasons why you should never, under any circumstance, put up your art studio inside the room where you sleep:

Health Concerns

First and foremost, some of the mediums that artists use have toxic ingredients that can affect your health if you’re exposed to them for a long time. While it’s still perfectly fine to work with the said materials for your art piece, intentionally prolonging your exposure to these chemicals and solutions by resting in the same room can cause illnesses. Do yourself a favour and place them somewhere else, lest you want to risk your well-being and hard-earned savings when you have to cover for expensive medical bills.

Harder Cleanups

You will make a mess of both yourself and your work area trying to bring out the best piece that you can possibly create. Taking a nap amid the clutter can get quite uncomfortable. You may also get your sheets splattered by paint or other colouring materials, leaving you no choice but to replace them or have them washed. This can only add to your workload as you try to find a way to sneak laundry days into your already busy schedule.

Less Time for Rest

Artist taking a napArtists, like any other professionals, have to be on their A game every single day to produce ideal results. For that reason, you need to be well-rested if you expect to manage quality work. The truth is that sleep won’t come easy with all your art materials lying around. You can surely get to work on your piece once your muse kicks in. However, in turn, you’re sacrificing the hours that you should already be sleeping. Still, your brain won’t rest because your work is just within your reach. This will negatively impact the quality of your artworks in the long run.

Disrespect for Your Roommate

If you’re not the only one using the room, it is all the more reason you should refrain from using it as your studio. Whether your roommate is a family member or a partner, putting them in a situation where their rest will be compromised is a big no-no. Hence, you need to respect that. What you can do instead is to look for land to buy around Melbourne’s West where you can build a house with an extra room. You can convert this room to a studio instead of cramming your studio alongside your partner’s sleeping area.

Working at home should not mean that you’ll have to complete your art projects in the same place where you should be resting. Not only will it hurt your schedule and health, but you’ll also be putting your relationships and output in jeopardy. Keep this in mind when you do your search for a new home so that you can maximise your artistry and the pleasure of acquiring a personal property.

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