Will Your Business Benefit from Non-Geo Numbers?

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Does your business use traditional lines? Costly and geographically restrictive, traditional numbers can be inefficient to a business. To cut operating costs, communication approaches must be sustainable. Pertinent calls to government units as well as other businesses need to be lessened affecting some critical areas of the business. Why not try an 03 phone number, for instance, to see the difference?

What are Non-Geographic Numbers (NGN)?

Non-geographic numbers are those used to call government agencies, businesses, and other entities to obtain information, deliver payments, or vote for television shows. These numbers are 03, 05, 070/076, 080, 0845, 0870, 083/4, 0871, 09, 116 and 118. As the name implies, non-geo numbers are not linked to a given geographic location. A business can peruse these numbers to obtain a national presence.

For businesses, the NGN comes in handy. You can add any of the numbers to your existing phone number (landline or mobile). When a customer makes a call on your NGN, it is redirected to your phone number. Whether your number is within the UK or overseas, an NGN works the same way.

What Can You Gain from NGNs?

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Unlike standard landline numbers (e.g. 01 and 02) or geographic numbers, NGNs have a number of benefits to a business. NGNs ensure hassle-free communication. But it can also positively impact your business activities.

1. NGNs expand your customer base.

With a local landline, you effectively limit your operations to your area. This is not a good way to start your brand recognition campaigns. With an NGN, owing to its expansive national reach, you allow customers from everywhere to call you and do business.

2. NGNs make calls adaptable and mobile.

The advantage of having calls redirected quickly to designated numbers is an opportunity in itself, especially for a business. It makes business calls more workable and adaptable to many aspects as calls can be pointed to many numbers. In effect, mobility is improved within the business.

3. NGNs can contribute financially.

Using NGNs can actually generate revenues for businesses. Numbers like 084, 0871 and 0872 are specifically for revenue-generating calls. The rebate that you get depends on the number of calls made; hence, earning is easy.

4. NGNs help build trust.

The size of your business can determine the impact of your presence. But with the use of an NGN, you can appear more national, more professional. Numbers like 0800 and 0808 will provide you a seal of trust. Customers prefer to use these numbers when calling customer service or product support.

5. NGNs are easier to remember.

Try memorising a few standard phone numbers and there is a chance you will forget one. NGNs are very easy to remember as they come with alphanumeric keys, i.e. replacing the last four digits with words or letters related to your business. For customers, that is very convenient.

Non-geographic numbers are perfect alternatives to standard phone lines. They cut time and other processes that prolong traditional call setups. If your business uses NGNs, you instantly open your brand to a wider audience, making it more recognisable and valuable.

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