Every parent wants to raise a healthy child, but only a few are sure about how to do it. The experts give the following advice that should guide you towards a health-conscious child.

Take Them to the Doctor Early and Often

Look for family doctors or clinics for kids near your home, whether you live in Salem or Salt Lake City. You can find a pediatric dentist with excellent skills who can help diminish any fear your children may have for doctors. This is important since children who are afraid of doctors grow up to become adults who neglect their health. You’d want them to be comfortable with medical professionals so that they will happily keep up with their health checks as they grow into adulthood.

Involve Children in the Meal Preparation

Another right way of ensuring excellent health is by encouraging children to eat healthily. This is best done by involving them in the meal preparation so that they’re more inclined to eat what is offered on the table. Kids are often suspicious of new things, so you can’t just expect them to eat fresh fruit or vegetable. By allowing them to help in the preparation, they “know” the food a little bit and they’d have no problem tasting it.

Give Them Pets to Take Care Of

little girl with two dogs

Unless someone in the family has an allergy, having pets in the house can help with a child’s mental and emotional development. It teaches children compassion and helps if they ever feel anxious, sad, or depressed. Having a dog can also make children more sociable and can encourage them to exercise through walks and playtime with the pup. Studies also show that pets can help children gain a better sense of responsibility in their life.

Avoid Being a Helicopter Parent

It might seem weird, but studies show that helicopter parenting is worse for the child. Arranging one play date to the next can make a child more rebellious and likely to develop behavioral issues. Instead, you should give your child time to think and explore by themselves. Some space is needed for kids to play with other children in an unstructured fashion; thereby, contributing to their social skills. A helicopter parent can make a child insecure and act out in social and private settings.

Don’t Allow Too Much Screen Time

This one has been said again and again, but that’s because it bears repeating. Tablets and mobile phones have their uses, but giving kids complete control over these can inhibit their growth. Try to limit screen time to specific hours and instead, introduce them to the concept of books and other educational toys.

Encourage Sports

kids playing football

Kids who do sports are typically healthy and well adjusted – and it’s not just because of the exercise. Most games introduce a form of discipline that children can easily absorb and implement in their lives.

Of course, these are just a few things you can do as a parent to make sure you’re raising a healthy child. Remember that as a parent, your child will look up to you often, so be a good example that they can follow.